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Non Slip Support Yoga Block
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Price:  $80.43
MFG Part:  CS153
UPC:  672125048061
Condition:  New

Currently Unavailable.

Ships from and sold by Aztek Computers.

Whether you're taking Yoga classes, working out, or doing yoga at home this blue Pro Strength Non Slip Support Yoga Block provides the support you've been seeking! Hold onto the block for balance when you're doing leg kickbacks as opposed to placing your hand on the floor, for example. Deepen into stretches holding the block for support, or take your push-ups up a notch by placing the block beneath your feet for added intensity. It's stiff yet soft enough to even be used as head support for sit-ups! The block comes wrapped in a package with an insert label inside. The block measures 3" x 6" x 9".

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 Jimmy L.

This thing is great

October 18, 2020

Very nice

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